Genuine Weber 46-IDA3C Carburetors (pair) for Porsche Flat Six Engines

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They're Baaaaaaaaaack!!

These are the big daddy's!  Remember when these were $8,000.00 on the "used" market? The classic 46-IDA3C that propelled many a historic Porsche race car to the winner's circle is now back in production.  Made in Spain at the genuine Weber manufacturing facility from 100% brand spanking new tooling that was designed using the original Weber blueprints.  It doesn't get much better than that!

***THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF (hence the all-caps etc.)*** These are authentic "Redline/Weber" carburetors (again) made in Spain (not the cheesy knockoffs you'll find on eBay).  You'll be glad you spent the extra couple of bucks when it comes time to tune them in.  NO... WE ARE NOT TRYING TO SCAM YOU FOR EXTRA MONEY HERE. WE'RE TRYING TO SAVE YOU MONEY. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE!! 

Seriously, we tried to tune some knockoffs that a customer delivered for his brand new motor.  We couldn't even get past the air flow balancing let alone the mixture screws.  They were un-usable right out of the box. We spent 3-4 hours trying to tune them vs. 15 minutes.  I'll say it again; we're trying to save you money.

Before You Get Your Set, Redline Gets Busy:

  • Each set is tested on a Weber flow bench to measure both left and right carburetor CFM at wide open throttle to insure perfectly matched pairs.
  • Then they measure flow past the throttle plates at idle, insuring pre-adjusted, accurate, air flow at idle.
  • They even measure each mixture screw port/hole for size and depth, measure mixture screw values of vacuum at 1⁄2 turn out, 1 turn out, 1 1⁄2 turns out, as well as accurately adjust the float height and geometry for matched performance.
  • And finally they assign a stamped “serial number” to each carburetor that refers to these recorded measurements (and more) along with the date and technician doing the inspections for any tech support or reference.