Front Trunk Kit for Porsche 914 (1970-76)

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This kit includes all the major components to refresh your front trunk. 


Front Trunk Seal

New reproduction of the front trunk seal. This has been made from a softer rubber for a better fit and seal and matches the factory profile perfectly.

914.511.901.10, 914 511 901 10, 914-511-901-10, 91451190110

Bulkhead Seal for Front/Rear Trunk

New reproduction of the front and rear trunk bulkhead seal. This isolates the fuel tank from the front trunk and the rear trunk from the engine compartment while keeping moisture out.

This comes in one length and will need to be trimmed to fit the front bulkhead. A box cutter or xacto knife can be used to easily cut off the excess length.

914.512.315.10, 914 512 315 10, 914-512-315-10, 91451231510

914.511.902.10, 914 511 902 10, 914-511-902-10, 91451190210

Front and Rear Trunk Hinge Shoulder Bolt for Porsche 914

New reproduction of the shoulder bolt, used for mounting the trunk hinges to the inner fender. 

914.512.191.10, 914 512 191 10, 914-512-191-10, 91451219110

Wiring Harness Tape

New 60 m (180') roll of 12 mm cloth tape for re-wrapping the wiring harness.

Front Trunk Wire Pull Guide Tube

New production of the guide tube in the front trunk. As plastic becomes brittle over time this tube cracks allowing the wire to flex excessively making the front trunk difficult to open.

914.511.231.10, 914 511 231 10, 914-511-231-10, 91451123110

Wire Pull Cable for Porsche 914

New reproduction wire pull cable for use with the front trunk or engine compartment latches. Includes a threaded end stud for direct installation into existing hardware.

914.511.091.10, 914 511 091 10, 914-511-091-10, 91451109110

Front Trunk Drain Tube

New production drain tube for the front trunk with a squared off edge for a stronger base.

911.025.612.00, 911 025 612 00, 911-025-612-00, 91102561200

Adjustable Rubber Stop for Trunk and Engine Deck Lid

New reproduction adjustable rubber stop for the engine deck lid and the front and rear trunk lids.

999.703.036.50, 999 703 036 50, 999-703-036-50, 99970303650

Front Trunk Nose Panel Plug for Porsche 914

New reproduction of the plugs for the front trunk. This part plugs the holes the holes in the front trunk that were in the cars until late 1975. These have been made from silicone for a better seal.

914.559.252.10, 914 559 252 10, 914-559-252-10, 91455925210

Expansion Tank Gasket

New reproduction of the rubber seal beneath the expansion tank. Made from solvent resistant rubber to prevent deterioration.

914.201.893.10, 914 201 893 10, 914-201-893-10, 91420189310

Fuel Sending Unit Sealing Ring

New reproduction sealing ring for the VDO fuel sending unit.

477.919.133, 477 919 133, 477-919-133, 477919133