Front Trunk Flange Metal Repair Strips for Porsche 914

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Front Trunk Flange Metal Repair Strips

So... your digging into this restoration project yourself.  This is one of the first things you'll learn, almost every 914 on the planet has issues with the front trunk seal flange. 

Water being water, it likes to run off the hood and will get trapped beside or even underneath the seal.  50 years of sitting gives you rust, rust, rust.  Cut it out and let's get started on the road to recovery.  Here's the metal strips needed for repairing the channel in the front trunk for the front trunk seal.  It's nice to have them available in the proper gauge and already pre-bent for you.

Sold in 48" strips.

This part must be welded in place and will require metal working. The number of pieces required will depend on the damage being repaired.