Front Hub Seal Race for Porsche 911 (1969-89)

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Front Hub Seal Race (On spindle behind inner bearing)

Rauch and Spiegel decided to make these parts available because they were disappointed with the quality of all of the others on the market. All of the aftermarket ones were way too soft at 18-20 HRC and had a coarse surface finish on the seal surface. They got some original ones and while they had the proper hardness, they knew they could do better on the surface finish and the price. Rauch and Spiegel parts have a hardness at the upper end of the genuine range, a much more seal friendly surface finish and are machined to very tight tolerances for a perfect fit. As an added bonus as you can see, the price is a lot more “wallet friendly” than the originals!

Replaces: 90134162300 901.341.623.00 901-341-623-00