Floor Pan Low Pressure Flaps for Porsche 914 Models (1970-76)

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This is so cool (see what we did there?), no seriously, 40+ years ago when we first started digging into 914's we wondered what those flaps were on the bottom of some of the cars.  It turns out this was a later development that is basically a spoiler for the bottom of your car.  It causes turbulence (low pressure) under the engine which allows cooler air from the top to be sucked into the engine more efficiently.  These are exact factory duplicates.

Do they really work?  You can bet your motor they do.  Digital head temp gauges record temps 10-20 degrees cooler!  Buy these now if you have an early car that wasn't equipped.  We even install them on factory sixes.  They're that good.  We put them on every build.

Sold as a pair.

  • No Longer Available from Porsche
  • Guaranteed fitment
  • Directs airflow through engine compartment for consistent cooling
  • Manufactured to OE dimensions for proper clearance and easy installation
  • Strong-yet-flexible polypropylene (same material as OE) for an attractive appearance and long lifespan
  • 24 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty