Ferrari Dino/308 Reproduction Rear Caliper Set with Dual Bleeders

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The Dino/308 caliper is back!

Finally, a very high-quality reproduction of the Ferrari Dino or 308 rear caliper is now available for your restoration/daily driver. Someone mistakenly installed the smaller Porsche 914-4 calipers on your car? Throw these on the rear. The Dino/308 caliper is an odd duck.  These one-off calipers were some of the very first to incorporate the handbrake mechanism.  ATE was ahead of their time with this design as almost all new rear calipers incorporate this feature now.   These are an exact replica of the mid-70's calipers which are as rare as hens' teeth these days.  They give you the factory bias ratio along with “stock” handbrake functionality.
Perfect for your Dino or 308!