Elephant Racing Spring Plate Rubber Bushing Kit

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Stock Spec Bushings

A true stock spec bushing replacement for spring plates. Spring plate bushing condition can be accessed by looking at the hole in the spring plate cover. It should be concentric around the spring plate. When the bushings deform, the cover becomes non-concentric around the spring plate and in extreme cases actually contacts the cover plate – metal-to-metal.

More than just bushings, this is a full kit that includes inner and outer bushings (4 pcs), adhesive, instructions, long bolts to press in the bushings, and abrasive cloth to prep the surface.

Rubber is the choice if you want to restore factory ride and performance in a zero-maintenance solution.


  • Note – 1967 spring plate bushings changed mid-year. The following ’67 chassis numbers transitioned to the late style ’69-’89 style bushes.
    • ’67 911 from Chassis Serial Number 307 325
    • ’67 912 from Chassis Serial Number 354 938
    • ’67 911 S from Chassis Serial Number 305 101 A
  • All earlier ’67 chassis numbers use the early ’65-’66 style bushes.