Elephant Racing Split Bushing Removal Tool

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This clever tool is a real time saver that makes easy work of removing split bushings. Doing the job with the arms still on the car for 911, 964, and 993 saves time and labor.

It used to be a difficult task

Split bushings are actually two separate bushings, each pressed in from opposite sides of the arm. Removing them requires driving them out from the parting line where they meet, in the center of the arm. This has traditionally been a difficult job that requires removing the arm and fumbling with a punch to try and drive out the bushings from the center.

Easy & quick

This tool makes it easy to engage the parting line and drive out the bushing. It is so easy that the job can be performed without removing the arm from the 911, 964, and 993.

Pro Mechanics and DIY’ers alike will appreciate the time saving this tool provides.

Combine with our bushing installation tools to complete the job.

Easily removes the following bushings:

  • 911/930/912 trailing arm bushing
  • 964/993 front lower control arm rear bushing
  • 944 front lower control arm front bushing (aluminum arms)