Elephant Racing Sphericals™ Control Arm Bearings

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Sphericals™ Control Arm Bearings for Porsche 911, 912, 930 and 914

Sphericals™ performance bearings deliver a new level of handling and ride quality. This is the only performance bushing replacement that delivers ball-type spherical bearing action with stock front control arms.

The secret is in the ball-shaped bearing that allows continuous self-alignment, preventing binding and allowing the suspension to work and move freely. Springs and dampers do their job of controlling the suspension without interference from excessive friction or binding from the bushings.


Self-aligning spherical ball action – cutaway view

Sphericals Eliminate Binding

With ordinary performance bushings, binding happens when the axis of the front and rear mounts are not collinear. Their hard-compound and minimal compliance cause even minor misalignment of the mounts to pinch and bind, preventing free movement of the control arm. Binding can happen in both static (car is stationary) and dynamic (chassis is flexing) conditions. Sphericals eliminate binding

Dynamic binding

Dynamic binding is due to chassis flex. This happens anytime the car is cornering, braking, accelerating, or going over bumps. Control arm mounts move with the chassis flex, deviating from their static alignment to cause binding, pinching and resisting free movement of the suspension. The chassis flexes when you most need free suspension movement; to absorb bumps, and during hard cornering when you need grip for performance.

  • Sphericals eliminate dynamic binding

Static Binding

Static binding is due to factory chassis mounting points (stamped sheet metal) that are imprecise at best and can be substantially off due to frontal impacts, pot holes, or suspension pan replacement. If these imprecise mounts are not collinear, the control arm will bind even when the chassis is not flexing.

  • Sphericals eliminate static binding

Superior Ride Quality and Handling

Sphericals self-align to eliminate binding in both static and dynamic conditions. The ball-action moves freely and allows the springs and dampers to do their job. You get the peak ride quality and performance your suspension tune can deliver.

Completely maintenance free, Sphericals use a self-lubricating bearing to deliver very low friction and years of trouble free performance. Lightweight aluminum housings are hard-anodized for a great appearance. Easy installation with no special tools required.


  • Continuous self-alignment
  • Eliminates binding due to chassis flex
  • Eliminates binding due to mis-alignment
  • Better grip and ride quality
  • Fits ’68-’89 911/912/930 & ’70-’76 914 front control arms