Elephant Racing QuickChange Camber Plates

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Make Quick Camber Changes, Independent of Caster

A bolt-in camber plate that allows easy camber adjustment, independent of caster. Indices allow adjustment without a camber gauge. Change camber track-side based on tire temp information, or switch between street and track settings easily.

  • +/- 1.25 degrees added range
  • Adjust camber independent of caster
  • Make track-side camber changes
  • Adjust without a gauge
  • Completely bolt on

QuickChange for camber flexibility

911-quickchange-camberplate-v2_003Loosening the large center nut allows camber to be changed quickly. Built-in indices allow accurate positioning without using a camber gauge. The included safety snap ring prevents the nut from coming off in the event it is not properly torqued.

911-quickchange-camberplate-v2_004You can easily maintain separate street and track camber settings, or quickly make track-side adjustments based on tire temperature.

The included monoball is oversized for long life and provides free, non-binding movement while precisely positioning the strut top.

Works great with torsion bar and coilover equipped cars.

Koni and Boge inserts will require the Koni/Boge adaptor kit sold separately. Von and Bilstein inserts do not require the adaptor kit.