Elephant Racing Monoball Bearing Cartridges

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Today’s sticky tire compounds generate corner loads that easily compress factory rubber bushings causing wandering alignment settings. The result is that camber and toe change unpredictably, making steering imprecise and the car difficult to drive fast.

Monoball Cartridges replace compliant factory rubber bushings with hardened-steel spherical bearings. Unlike poly bushings that bind and resist movement, true spherical bearings allow free motion on multiple axis.

  • Precise, razor sharp handling
  • Holds alignment settings true
  • Weather-Sealed for long life
  • Eliminates camber loss due to compression
  • Extremely low friction

Weather Seals

Our proprietary-design Monoball cartridges have optional weather seals to keep dirt out and extend product life.

This is the only Monoball suitable for street or extended track use. Dirt and water contaminate ordinary products and accelerate wear.


Front monoballs fit easily into the stock camber plates of 67-89 911/912/930 cars (911 341 018 00). Cars with pre-67 camber plates are recommended to switch to a 67-89 camber plate for fitment. 65 cars without camber plates require grinding to enlarge the strut top opening to allow fitment of the cartridges.

Easy Bushing Replacement How-To

Your existing bushings are pressed in place, they will need to be pressed out, and you will need to press in the new bushings but it’s really easy when you have the right tools. To ease and speed the bushing removal and installation process without using a shop press please see our purpose designed Split Bushing Removal Tool and our Bushing Installation tool.