Elephant Racing De-Cambered Ball Joints

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Easy Bolt-on To More Front Negative Camber

Need more camber? Elephant Racing’s proprietary-design De-Cambered Ball Joints provide up to 3/4 degree additional negative camber per side. Track is widened up to 1/2 inch.

The ball joint stud is non-concentric with the housing, effectively lengthening the control arm and pushing the bottom of the strut (and tire) out resulting in added negative camber.

Construction includes a true spherical bearing monoball for low-friction, freedom of movement and zero deflection.

Fully weather-sealed, De-Cambered Ball Joints are a true bolt-in using factory ball joint hardware.

  • Adds Up to -3/4 Degree Camber
  • Factory Hardware
  • Easy Bolt-On
  • Weather-sealed
  • Sold as pair