Early Front BMW 320i Caliper for Porsche 356, 911, 912, 914-4 (1964-72 Solid Rotor Cars)

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Listing is for a pair of 320i calipers that we've restored to better than new condition.  We occasionally get these as cores for early 356, 911, 912 and 914 front caliper restorations.  When we do, they pop up here.  If this listing is up, this set is available.

For the 356/911/912 crowd, these have the same size 48mm pistons but the larger pad size similar to the 911 S-Calipers and A-Calipers.  No issues with your current master cylinder or brake bias.  This would be a simple bolt on application. 911RS performance on the cheap.

For 914-4 cars, these will bolt directly on to the early (1970-72) struts.  The later struts would require the caliper mounting ears to be machined to fit that unique offset.  These will also have a larger 48mm piston vs. your original 42mm fronts.  This will make your brake bias a little heavier toward the front of the car (better than making the rears heavy).  You'll also have the advantage of the larger pads as per the 911/912 crew above. A 914-6 caliper in the rear would be a great addition to this set.

Complete restoration of these early BMW 320i Caliper includes:

  • Complete disassembly to bare core.
  • Removal of stuck or frozen pistons.
  • Replating of caliper cores.
  • Replating of all fasteners
  • Vibratory polishing of pistons.
  • Cleaning and repainting piston tops.
  • New factory ATE seals and dust covers throughout.
  • Reassembly with pistons in proper position.

These calipers will look like the day they came off the factory assembly line (probably better).  This is why we say we don’t rebuild calipers, we restore them.

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