Early 911 and 914 Control Arm Ball Joint Kit

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Control arm ball joint set – old type (FI16)
Porsche 911 (1968-1973)
Porsche 914 (1971-1972)
Stock replacement

Sold as set (1x ball joint + hardware without threaded ball joint lock pin)
2 sets required per car

These 914, 911 de-cambered ball joints provide additional 3mm negative camber and are designed and manufactured in Europe.

Available as de-cambered ball joint – PR03006P

  • How to recognize a worn-out 914 / 911 ball joint?

The most common sign of a worn 914 / 911 ball joint is clunking or knocking noises coming from the front suspension. Drivers should hear these sounds when going over bumps, making turns, or driving on uneven surfaces. 

  • Why is important to replace a worn-out / damaged 914 / 911 ball joint?

The 914 / 911 ball joint plays a critical role in the performance, safety, and overall functionality of your Porsche suspension and steering system. Replacing a worn-out or damaged 914 / 911 ball joint brings several benefits, including improved steering control, enhanced suspension performance, increased safety, and protection for other suspension components.  

  • Prekom 914 / 911 ball joints

In our production process, we use only high-grade materials for our 914 / 911 ball joints and all the materials are selected carefully to meet our high-quality standards. The complete 914 / 911 ball joint production processes are made in house – from design, development, testing, processing, rubber vulcanization, assembling and packing, since this is the only way to control the quality of each phase.

Replacement for: 901.341.049.00 / 901 341 049 00 / 90134104900