DuroAno® S-Caliper Pistons

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Meet the final solution for the ill-fated S-Caliper piston.  You’re looking at the new DuroAno® S-Caliper pistons with metallurgy technology borrowed from every amazing caliper since the 917 caliper.

The thought came when we kept seeing S-Caliper pistons flake and fail due to dis-similar metal fusion and original “plated” pistons. The thought; why a dis-similar metal when we could use similar metal? 930 calipers have aluminum pistons. 951 calipers have aluminum pistons. 908 calipers have aluminum pistons... why not S-Calipers?

The coating process was a key component.  As technology progressed, so did the coating process. These new aluminum pistons are harder and more durable than the original or even their stainless counterparts. Our special DuroAno® Coating makes them the perfect piston for the S-Caliper.

They are feather weight was well. These weigh 1/2 of what a stock S-Caliper piston weighs.

Put an end to S-Caliper woes.  These pistons will right the original wrong and last forever.