Deck Lid Rubber Kit for Porsche 914 (1970-76)

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This kit includes all the rubber seals needed for the engine deck lid.


Engine Deck Lid Welting for Porsche 914

New rubber welting used to isolate the engine grille from the body and deck lid. Many of these are painted over or badly damaged by UV. This part arrives as a single strip and will need to be cut to length before installing. You will have to cut it into 3 pieces in total, 1 long strip for the deck lid and 2 short strips for the body. We recommend taking measurements off your car and using a pair of anvil cutters or soapy razor with a miter box for a square cut.

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Engine Deck lid Seal for Porsche 914

New reproduction rubber seal that goes between the rear window and the engine deck lid. This part covers the gap between the two and prevents water from rolling into the engine compartment.

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Engine Deck Lid Edge Protection for Porsche 914

New reproduction of the rubber edge protecting material that runs along the engine deck lid. This set includes 1 long piece and 2 shorter pieces that run along the sides.

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Engine Deck Lid and Front Trunk Buffer for Porsche 914

New reproduction of the rubber bumper used in the engine compartment to limit the travel on the engine deck lid when opened.

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Adjustable Rubber Stop for Trunk and Engine Deck Lid

New reproduction adjustable rubber stop for the engine deck lid and the front and rear trunk lids.

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