Dash Face Kit for Porsche 914 (1972-76)

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New dash metal with leatherette. This kit comes with double sided tape applied to the back of the metal to install into your car, spray adhesive (not included) is required to adhere the vinyl to the new metal. 

From the 1970-74 model years used 701 leatherette brickmold material while the 1975-76 model years used 713 leatherette basketweave material.

Used for the 1972-76 914 model years, 1 required per car.

Please note 1970-71 models are not compatible with the metal offered as they used a split metal substructure which differs from the single piece used in later years with dash vents.

  • 914.552.111.11, 914 552 111 11, 914-552-111-11, 91455211111