Pit Style Engine Lid Release for Porsche Factory 914-6/GT

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This Pit Style Engine Lid Release is what the Porsche factory used on quite a few (they were all different) 914-6/GT's. It provided a convenient way to open the engine lid in the pits without opening the door and reaching behind the drivers seat. We use this very handle on our PMB 914-6/GT build and our spec. Kundensport "Sports Purpose" builds.

This is a relatively easy mod if you're even "a little" handy with a welder.  Here's the steps!:

  • Remove the cable from the latch mechanism and pull it all the way out of the guide tube.
  • Remove the left engine "side grill".
  • Cut the "weld" off for the cable guide tube in the left side hell-hole area.
  • Determine the amount of cable guide tube you'll need by bending it up and flush with where the grill would mount.
  • Re-weld the cable guide tube to the side grill upright for support.
  • Trim Top of guide tube flush with where the grill will mount.
  • Re-install, mark and modify grill to allow the cable to go through.
  • Install the threaded knob end of the cable into the pull knob (threads may need to be cut down).
  • Install cable in guide tube and reattach to the latch mechanism.
  • Make certain the latch pull works prior to bending a 90 degree stop angle in the cable and trimming it to fit.