Complete Wiring Harness for Porsche 914-6 (1970-72)

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Complete Wiring Harness for Porsche 914-6 (1970-72).

This is one of our all time favorite items for your 914-6.  Expensive?  It's not as much as a car fire.

When we're restoring a tub this is one of those items we "pretty much" insist upon.  TRUST ME... this will save the owner thousands! We've spent 11 hours just re-looming a rear trunk or engine harness that's brittle (they all are from 50+ years of sitting above the muffler or the engine).  Next you go to the dash where there have been numerous stereo clip on wires, radar detector installs and bad alarm system installs (yes, we've even seen "Romex" in there).  Do it right... do it once.  Sleep at night knowing your restoration has all new wiring throughout.

If we’re selling it on our website, we use it on our restorations.  We trust it. You should too.