Complete Late Airbox Rebuild Kit for Porsche 914 (1973-76)

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All major components required to rebuild your airbox.  Save $75.39 vs buying these parts individually.

Kit includes:

  • 1x Housing seal
  • 2x Air flapper seal
  • 1x Air inlet box grille seal
  • 1x Fan motor seal
  • 4x Clamp screw
  • 2x Defroster bowden cable
  • 1x Bowden cable set
  • 1x Bowden cable grommet
  • 6x Omega clip
  • 22x Housing clip
  • 2x Airbox hose
  • 1x Airbox drain hose set
  • 2x Black climate control knob
  • 1x Red climate control knob
  • 2x Housing to body bolts
  • 2x Housing to body washers
  • 2x Housing to body split washers
  • 4x Clamping spring for defroster vent
  • 2x Hex bolts
  • 2x Lock washers
  • 2x Hex Nuts
  • 2x E-clips
  • 2x Wave washers

The ultimate kit for rebuilding your airbox. This listing is for late cars which have the airbox grille from the factory.

Used for the 1973-76 914 model years, 1 kit required per car.