Complete Early Porsche SWB - 911/912 Brake Hard Line Kit ('64 - '68)

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This is a complete line kit for your early short wheelbase 911 or 912. Check the line "Type" above.  Tin coated steel is the original finish for all 911's and 912's. These tin coated lines are not only the best for your budget but they're concourse d'elegance correct.  Stainless Steel is the best value for those who never want to do this job again.  If you plan to order stainless steel please note, the metal is much harder.  You will need to make sure all your fittings are very tight. 

If you have a single circuit master cylinder on your SWB 911/912 these are the lines for you. 

All "VB Lines" are 3D scanned from original lines and CNC bent to factory specs to fit your Vintage 911/912. THAT SAID we've had customers take micrometers to their lines (not kidding).  Some advice on mounting lines, they will need a few normal bends to fit your application.  When mounting calipers, install the line first then install the caliper.  This allows the weight of the caliper to form the line naturally into place.  These lines are on Manhattan Award winning Porsche's.  With a little tweaking in a few areas they'll be perfectly fine for yours.  Center tunnel lines will have a gradual shipping bend.  Simply lay them on a flat surface to make them straight again.

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