Classic Retrofit 8-Pin CDI+ for Porsche Race Cars and Early 3L Turbos

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The Classic Retrofit 8-pin CDI+ ignition unit is a direct replacement for Bosch CDI spark boxes used in many classic Porsche race cars, including the 911 RSR, 934, 935, 917 and 962. It was also fitted to the early 3-litre 930/911 Turbo and other race cars of the period, including BMW CSL.  

Fitted to the original CDI case, with original wiring loom used, this unit is a wonderful upgrade for vintage racers where originality and reliability are equally important. It has been tried and tested in many vehicles, including several Le Mans winners still in circulation.

The Classic Retrofit 8-pin CDI+ unit requires no modifications to the original wiring loom harness or metalwork and is 'plug and play'. The soft and hard rev limiters can be programmed via a laptop. All CDI+ units have a 48 MHz microprocessor onboard to control ignition timing. 

It is a little-known fact that the 8-pin CDI boxes provide better regulation over the output voltage than the 3- and 6-pin units. Our redesigned electronic system brings the original voltage regulation concept bang up to date, not just by providing even better regulated output across all of our CDI units, but also by offering true dual-spark output at a 400us interval that truly makes a difference to combustion, right up to 10,000 RPM.

The 8-pin CDI box is only currently available as a retrofit into an original casing.