Camshaft Sprocket Carrier Hub for Porsche 911 and 914-6

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Camshaft Sprocket Carrier Hub

Replacement parts don't get any better than this.

This critical part is the mounting flange for the camshaft drive sprocket. It has two main jobs. The first has to do with cam timing. As the cam sprocket has 17 equally spaced holes and this mounting flange has 16 equally spaced profiled slots corresponding on the same circle, very small changes can be made in the rotational relationship between the camshaft and it’s sprocket to effect the proper cam timing while still being able to install the locating-pin. It’s second job is to keep the cam sprocket’s axial and radial runout or “wobble” as close to ‘0’ as possible.

Rauch & Spiegel makes these parts from high quality domestic steel which is similar in hardness and strength to the originals, while holding tighter dimensional tolerances.

Replaces: 90110558301 901.105.583.01 901-105-583-01