Billet Aluminum Oil Return Tube (Individual)

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Billet Aluminum Oil Return Tube

These are the only ones to get for your priceless 901 motor!

Rauch & Spiegel invented the 2 piece aluminum 911 in-car replacement oil return tube over 30 years ago. Over the years, many have tried and all have failed to match their unique combination of design, quality, fit and finish. Some others may claim to be the same, but all the ones we’ve seen actually have pressed or glued-on ends that can leak or fall off. Rauch & Spiegel are made in only two pieces from aluminum bar stock, holding tight tolerances on size and surface finish.

Shipped completely assembled and individually packaged, they are ready for installation. These may cost a little more, but they are very worth it! Lifetime Limited Warranty.

*4 per car, sold individually.

Replaces: 930.107.040.01 930-107-040-01 93010704001