Early Style Ball joint for Porsche 911/912/914-6/914-4 (1968 - 72)

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Here's an OEM replacement ball joint for a fraction of the OEM price.  These are more than the aftermarket units but worth it.  We've found aftermarket ball joints can have the rubber boots fail in as few as two months.  They don't put enough anti-ozonates in the rubber mixture.  Once the boot disintegrates, you'll have to do this job again.  Not a fun one.

These are the early pinch style ball joints.  You're struts will have a split in the base and an M10 pinch fastener (not the later wedge pin).  These strut bases have been known to wear and oval out at the base.  If you do have an worn base, do not order these ball joints and "DO NOT" throw your struts away.  We can weld the later pinch style bases on your struts and make them better than new.  Give us a call to discuss. 855-786-7101

Replacement for: 901.341.049.00 / 901 341 049 00 / 90134104900