Rare ATE 38mm Rear Caliper Seal Kit for Porsche 911S & L (1967-68)

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This kit includes ALL the seals for a complete caliper refresh. Each kit does ONE caliper, two kits are required per axle.

Lucky enough to have a SWB 911S or L? This is the seal kit for you.  The 38mm piston and seal was the original design to slow the rear of your SWB 911S & L down. This is a two year only kit for those very special cars. Note this seal kit will not fit the rear of the standard SWB 911/912 featuring a solid rotor and the 35mm pistoned L-Caliper.  You may want to consider our seal kit bundle (below) for the best price available on this kit with new, lifetime stainless pistons. 

This is a super rare kit, hence the price (sorry).  Fear not, your investment has paid off!