AM-Caliper: The "ULTIMATE" M-Caliper Up-Grade

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We get so excited about this stuff…

It goes back to the years of having a 911 with the lowly T-struts (which we actually love now). We'd searched high and low for caliper upgrades but around every corner there was no true bolt-on solution for the 3" spacing.

Well, we finally found a real upgrade, a real bolt-on solution that meets our entire criterion for an acceptable swap from the stock M-Caliper.

Here's the low-down:  These caliper have a 3" bolt spacing and the exact same offset as the M-Caliper. This means they'll simply bolt right on. When we say bolt on we mean... almost all the way (the standard dust shields need slight trimming). The fluid inlet is aimed right up at the tab on the strut for a direct in.

They have the same 48mm piston as the M-Caliper, S-Caliper and the later A-Caliper. What's cool about this is, they are the later "cup" type piston with no knock-back mechanism to deal with. The cup design offers better cooling with much more surface area than the standard M and S-Caliper pistons. Also nice is the fact that this won't throw off your fluid dynamics with your current Master Cylinder. Again, Bolt on!

The pad size is much larger than the M-Caliper pad. They are the same width as the A and S-Caliper pads but not as tall... (only slightly, like 2mm or so). If anyone is familiar with the BMW 320i pad size, these are the same. Another area these fit the bill as a true bolt-on upgrade is; with this basic pad size (which has been proven with the S-Caliper and A-Caliper) there is no heat stress on the standard 20mm rotor which obviously lived on all 911's through 1983.

They weigh in a full 4lbs lighter than the M-Caliper so there goes a good chunk of un-sprung weight (yes, they're aluminum!). Did someone say "Bolt on upgrade" You simply take your M-Calipers off and stick them on the shelf for posterity sake, bolt these on, bleed the system (you know you should do that this year anyway) and you'll be good to go.

We've reached out and had these calipers re-issued by the original supplier to Brembo back in the mid-70's.  Now we can offer them "new" to you at an amazing price!