Aluminum Skid Plate for Porsche 914/911/912/930

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A lowered ride height is a must for any car used on the track or for performance street driving. The biggest down side to this modification is ground clearance. Speed bumps, pot holes or the occasional "Off Track" excursion can cause some serious damage to the underside of your car.  Maybe you're going the other route.  Offroad build?  Rocks popping up to dent and damage your ride?.

The Rennline Aluminum Skid Plates have been designed to eliminate all of those concerns. Rennline's skid plate conceals the entire underside of the fuel tank as well as the fuel pump, steering rack, and much of the front control arm and are formed so that no edges will get caught on objects when traveling forward, backwards or sideways. Hardware is included and installation takes about 5 minutes with no drilling required. These skid plates work with factory or Rennline front tie downs, and will also work with a 100L fuel tank.

  • Compatible with 914/911/912/930. Will not work on cars with front condenser.