Adapter for Right Cam Oil Line for Porsche 911 and 914-6 (1967-73)

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Adapter for Right Cam Oil Line

Genius idea!

This nifty little stainless steel fitting allows you to use the (shorter) right side cam oil line that comes in the Carrera Chain Tensioner Update Kits on the pre-CIS injected 911 and 914-6 engines. It replaces the space normally occupied by the oil pressure sender on 1974 and later 911 engines so that the cam oil line and feed pipe supplied in the tensioner update kit fit perfectly right out of the box! The longer factory right side line for converting these earlier engines went N.L.A. a long time ago. A good quality aftermarket line can be hard to find, expensive and you will still probably wind up having to re-form the pressure feed pipe to get it connected on both ends.