930 Turbo Valve Cover

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Here is the illustrious 930 turbo exhaust valve cover. Fixer of all exhaust valve cover leaks.

When the turbo valve cover came on the scene, you could hear the cheers and applause across the globe. The old exhaust valve covers were prone to overheating and warping and causing fairly massive leaks. This turbo valve cover solves the issue. With its deep fins cast into the assembly, twisting and warping are basically a thing of the past.

Make sure you choose from our drop-down menu. If you would like these to go on your 914-6 or 914-6 conversion. We can handle the milling in-house for a flat rate. If you have a 911 or you simply want to mail these yourself select the “No” option in the drop-down box. 

Priced each.  You will need two per motor.

  • 930 105 116 05, 93010511605, 930-105-116-05