930 ERX Brake Calipers for Porsche 911/912/914 (69-89)

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930-ERX Brake Calipers

We love these things!  Elephant Racing has re-engineered the 930 style caliper with specific enhancements for direct fitment to the 911 series and 914. Their 930-ERX calipers are an updated version of the venerable 930 brakes which have long been the benchmark for performance.  The only time we've seen this is on RUF calipers and, it's brilliant!

The 930 Brake Upgrade

930 brakes have always been an awesome upgrade for 911 & 914 cars in terms of thermal capacity and pedal feel. The four piston calipers and massive 32mm front / 28mm rear rotors give incredible stopping power.

In addition to excellent stopping power, they have that period correct retro race look, retain the parking brake functionality for 911, and even fit under many 15 inch wheels. This is why 930 brakes have been the sought-after upgrade for 911/914 racecars, and high end/high powered street car builds.

In the past, fitment has traditionally been difficult – requiring custom machining (due to differences in 930/911 rear caliper bolt spacing), wheel clearance issues, and limited availability.

The Elephant Racing 930-ERX type calipers keep everything that’s great while fixing all the issues. And they accept readily-available 930 type pads, rotors, and master cylinders.

930-ERX Enhancements over Original 930 Calipers

 No caliper machining is required for 911/914 trailing arm fitment.

 Their rear calipers have the correct 3.0 inch bolt spacing and radial position to mount directly onto ’69-’89 911/912/914 trailing arms. (this is the big difference)

 The front and rear caliper cooling fins are low profile like the 930 calipers so they do not interfere with Fuchs wheel spokes without the need for wheel spacers.

 A modern staggered piston design is used for even pad wear on our 930-ERX calipers. Original 930 calipers used same size pistons, which caused pads to wear in a taper. Excellent idea!

930-ERX Fitment and Compatibility

The front calipers have 3.5 inch bolt spacing and bolt directly to front struts as equipped on 911 cars from ’77-’89 and 911S LWB (long wheelbase) models prior to ’77. Early front struts that have 3.0 caliper bolt spacing (912, 914-4 and 914-6) can convert to 3.5 inch 911 struts. 1976 was a change-over year for 3.5" struts.  For you 914 guys... again, make sure you have 3.5" struts (inquire within)! 

The rear calipers that have the 3 inch bolt spacing would be a direct fitment to 911, 912, & 914 trailing arms from ’69-’89 including aluminum and steel trailing arms.  The 3.5 inch rears are for 930 rear control arms and will have optimum pad wear.

Front and rear calipers accept standard 930 D345 brake pads and our standard DirectFit 911 brake hoses.

Rear calipers use standard type 930 rotors part #930-352-046-01

Front calipers fit with regular 911/914 hubs and use early type 930 floating rotors with The Elephant Racing hat kit #2190005 (floating) or #2190010 (fixed), or late 930 hubs with late 930 fixed rotors.

Use standard 930 master cylinder on ’77-’89 911 cars equipped with brake booster, or our 23mm master cylinder kit for pre-77 cars with non-boosted brakes.