916 Kit for 915 Transmissions for Porsche 914-4 and 914-6 (1970-76)

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916 Kit to Install a 915 Transmission in a Porsche 914-4 and 914-6

Going "BIG" in your 914?  For spirited driving and the "End-All" solution to transmissions gone bad, you've landed on the solution page.

The transmissions of the 901 and 914 series quickly reach their load limits when you're installing a hot 3.0 or ???. Stock transmissions were originally approved by Porsche for up to 184 ft lbf of force/torque. In fact, our experience with gearboxes shows that the load limit is reached in the range of 200 ft lbf.  For this reason, the factory created the 916 transmission for their limited production run of 916 vehicles.  We know this was the direction if the car continued to evolve.  With only 11 vehicles made however, it's been hard for 914 owners who wanted much more from their engines to get their hands on the the significantly more resilient 916 gearbox... until now.

This conversion kit, gives you the option of installing the 915 gearbox in your 914. To save space the entire unit is designed as a side shift. This means that the shaft enters the gearbox from below just like a late model transmission (no more tail shift mess.) This ensures extremely precise shifting. A modified exhaust system is not necessary due to the short design and the modifications to the shift rod are minimal. Overall, this conversion kit is a few millimeters shorter than the "Factory 916 kit" that was sold by Porsche at the time and... shifts 100% better!

The Kit consists of the following components:

  • Cast gearbox cover (for electronic or mechanical speedometer drive)
  • Shift actuation housing cast in 2 parts with input shaft, shift finger, guide shaft and actuation comb (complete unit)
  • Milled counter bearing for deflection shaft shift mechanism
  • Inside shift rods and mechanical components
  • Speedometer drive mechanical or electric

Properties of the product

  • Custom Manufactured for Porsche 914
  • Made to install a 915 gearbox in Porsche 914 (you will need a 915 gear box)
  • For performance-enhanced engines
  • Suitable for motor sports use
  • Highest processing quality
  • High accuracy of fit (915 modes can vary and will require additional work for fitment. *See below.) 
  • Made in Germany

Technical specifications

material steel
weight 1.7kg - 3.75lbs.


Attention: Internal shift rod 1st/2nd Gear and shift piece 3rd/4th Gear only available as a core exchange for original 915 parts! In addition, parts of the original 915 speedometer drive are required in exchange.

*Adjustment work on the parts of the kit supplied may become necessary (e.g. checking/establishing the freedom of movement in the cover, speedometer adjustment necessary).

We would be happy to prepare a complete gearbox for you or take over the conversion of your 915 gearbox. Ask us for details!

*Special Order Part.  Normally ships in 3-4 weeks*

Suitable for vehicle: Porsche 914/(6)