914-6/GT Oil Cooler Shroud for Porsche 914 (1970-76)

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914-6/GT Oil Cooler Shroud

This is our absolute "GO TO" for FRP (fiberglass) products for Porsche automobiles.  What's the difference between a $250.00 fiberglass part and a $450.00 fiberglass part?  Ohhhh... about $500 in labor!  WE KID YOU NOT!  When we have had to install inferior fiberglass parts in the past it's been "cut this, re-glass that".  Hours and hours of labor at today's labor rates will "easily" put you over the Getty price point.  In the end you'll be left with a reworked inferior part on your Porsche.  Do not make that mistake.

For over 35 years Getty Design has been supplying professionals and enthusiasts with the VERY highest quality FRP and Carbon Fiber Composite coach work you can buy for your Porsche automobiles. All of their parts are manufactured in their California Factory by highly skilled technicians.

Whether you use your Porsche for track or street, we have the largest selection of Getty's amazing bodywork available anywhere online.

***Please Understand - Shipping will be re-calculated after your order is received.  These items require proper box and packaging to make sure they arrive safely to their destination.  They do require a custom shipping calculation for each piece and destination.  We will contact you with information when you part is ready to ship***

Click HERE to download Getty's comprehensive guide on how to prepare and install fiberglass and composite bodywork for your Porsche automobile.