914-6/GT Chassis Stiffening Kit

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Moving up to flares or super-sticky autocross tires or... both? Installing a Porsche six, a Subie or a V8? This will be a "must have" item.

Let's face it, 914's are somewhat flexi-flyers.  It's very difficult with an open toped car to keep them from wanting to flex (this is why the factory began experimenting with the 916 project and the fixed roof).  Extra torque from an engine transplant can twist your little 914 apart.  Big sticky tires can cause your suspension points to cry out in pain. We've seen many stress fractures occur under these conditions.  This is not an obscure problem of the racing elite.

This version of the factory stiffening kit has been proven to significantly stiffen the 914 chassis against cracking and breaking, as well as aiding in the distribution of heavy suspension loading during hard cornering and higher horsepower motors. The larger, longer pieces carry the load from the shocktowers over to the transmission ladder support to help distribute that load.  The smaller bits wrap the suspension consoles helping to strengthen them.  Don't try to out-think the Porsche race engineers.  This really is the best kit on the market.

Installation Instructions