914-6 Bulkhead Motor Mount

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So it's time... you've finally decided to install that classic Porsche six cylinder power plant. We couldn't agree more!

This is one of our favorite mounts.  It's what we use in all of our conversions.  It works well on early or late cars, has access for the wiring loom and is designed to set the mount height to accommodate carbs, MFI, CIS or DME without major modification of the bulkhead piece on the 70-Early 74 models, Late 74-76 years may need some modification.

This mount can be bolted to the firewall to determine location of engine and then welded on for reinforcement. None of your stock components need to be changed, except on Late 74-76 model years, the rear brake pressure regulator needs to relocated to the spot on the early cars.  We recommend procuring an early pressure regulator (yes, they're different) and aquiring the proper hard lines from us to mount it in the stock location.

This mount uses 911 motor mounts and standard mounting hardware.