5 Pin Round Relay for Porsche 911

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5 Pin Round Relay for Porsche 911

-Designed and manufactured in Canada using modern components allowing for a slim and efficient design

-Rated for 30A switching current and 25A motor load
-225 Ohm coil resistance
-Compatible with OEM plastic covers or Restoration Design stamped aluminum covers
-Transient voltage suppression circuitry (TVS) on both the coil and contacts. This is designed to react and dampen sudden or momentary over voltage conditions. This will increase the lifespan of your relay and protect it from short circuits
-Can be used to power fuel pumps 
-This is equivalent to the RED relay
-RoHS compliant 

PMB Performance builds and restores some the finest air-cooled Porsches in the world Restoration Design is our “Go-To” supplier for metal for our cars and, that’s saying a lot.  Every tub that leaves here is “rust-free” (and no… that doesn’t mean the rust is free).  If we’re selling it on our website, we use it on our restorations.  We trust it. You should too.

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