5-Lug Machined Sebro Rear Brake Disc for Porsche 914-4 (All Model Years)

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5-Lug Machined Sebro Rear Brake Disc


PMB Performance is your 5-Lug 914 Headquarters!  Here's what you need if you're going 5-Lug and keeping your stock rear calipers and using a re-drilled 914-4 hub.  This makes the most fiscal sense... here's why:

Yes, you can get a 914-6 Rear rotor and in some cases that may be advised (new or 911 hubs, 914-6 rear caliper upgrade etc.) but if they're going on a re-drilled 914-4 hub, the mounting holes won't align.  The studs will align but the beveled mounting holes do not.  They're also a couple millimeters larger in diameter.  That will need to be turned down by a qualified machinist with a pretty large lathe so the 914-4 caliper doesn't rub.  So by now, you should be doing the math in your head.  "Why buy the more expensive rotor when you'll have to pay to have it machined anyway?"

This is where this system makes sense.  let's get the less expensive 914-4 rotor already pre-machined for 5x130.  The mounting holes will line up and your 914-4 caliper will bolt right on.

Did we mention these are the best Sebro rotors for your car? (oh yeah... in the title)