5-Lug Hub for Porsche 914-4 (1970-76) (not for 914-6)

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 ***Priced each. You will need 2 hubs. Make sure you update quantities in the cart***

Here they are gang... the holy grail for a 914-4 rear 5-lug conversion.  A true 5-Lug hub with the spine count to match the 914-4 stub axle. For the layperson, this means a big savings in time and money.  No pricey 914-6 stub axles (we never did understand those anyway). No CV's to change out.  You simply pull these in to your control arm (use a new set of bearings) and you're running with five!

We recommend this system for all narrow bodied 914's below 150hp.  Will these work on a wide bodied car?  ABSOLUTELY!  The weakest link in the chain is your CV joints and your first gear in the transmission... not this hub.  If your going to use a higher powered motor and wider wheels/tires (contact patch) then our 911 replacement hub which mates to larger CV's may be the answer to the question you didn't know you had.

THESE HUBS DO NOT COME WITH STUDSSee our product variants above for various press in stud sizes.  Variant pricing includes the hub and studs but not installation.  We cannot ship hubs with studs installed because they are too easy to damage during shipping. 

A Word on Stud Sizing:

45-50mm studs are stock.  If you plan on using these with spacers you'll want to add that spacer size to the stock stud.  Let's use the popular 7R wheel configuration on a narrow bodied 914 as an example.  This offset puts the wheel against the inner fender well.  a 1/4" spacer would be needed.  45-50mm + 7mm = 52-57mm studs would be required.  This sizing is based upon using a closed face Porsche aluminum lug nut. With flares and standard 911 offset rear wheels, (generally) no spacers are required.

If you're going for a "Sports Purpose" look (read: open lug nuts and extended studs) a general guideline is 14mm beyond the end of the nut for not only a rules mandated look but an aesthetically pleasing look as well.  We find that 65-72's work well with those applications.  Measure your rotor thickness and wheels to get more accurate numbers.  If you're looking at "details, details, details", the factory Sports Purpose" look will be the "Standard" stud.  The "Bullet Nose" stud is more of a NASCAR style take-off where lug-nuts are glued to the wheels for lightening fast pit installation.  We like both looks ourselves.  Your mileage may vary.