28 Spline Free Floating Axles for 108mm CV Conversions for Porsche 914 (1970-76)

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28 Spline Free Floating Axles for 108mm CV Conversions (pair)

Going for big horsepower in your 914?  Going 5-lug as well?  PMB has pioneered this "no adapter" conversion for your ride.  This is what we do to every high-powered 914 we build.

Engineered and designed to twist or spool up like a torsion bar to avoid damage to the transmission final drive and to keep the axle from snapping under extreme or race loads. These axles are made from 4340 chromoly and feature high strength cold formed / rolled splines. Special silver zinc plating ensures these axles far outlast and outperform all of the competitors! For hi-performance engines and 5-lug upgrades, these axles are the only way to go.

The premise of this conversion is to go with the 28 spline 911 GKN/Loebro bulletproof 108mm CV with no adapters, no hassles, no mess.  Just a bolt on axle solution that works.  You will need to do some hunting for various used parts though.  Here's what you'll need...

Used Parts:

  • 1 Pair of 901 322 232 00 Stub Axles (drive shafts) - These are for 5-lug 911 Hubs.
  • 1 Pair of 901 322 209 15 Final Drive Flanges (joint flanges)

New Parts:

  • 1 Pair of 911 332 033 08 911 Axle Assemblies (found here on this site)
  • 4 901 332 297 00 CV Joint Gaskets
  • 16 M10 Schnorr Washers
  • 16 M10x50 CV Bolts

The complete 911 axles assemblies are the only place to get the rock solid GKN/Loebro 108mm CV's these days.  You'll buy those and remove the CV's.  Then you install them on these 914 length free floating axles.  The free floating axle was designed for the off-road racing industry.  They allow your CV to wander and find their natural space under load.  

The 911 stub axles fit directly into the 914 rear control arm (same bearings as the early 911) and, the 911 drive flanges simply bolt on to your 914 transmission (same basic design as the 901/911 transmission).

Bolt them in and be done worrying about CV joints for the rest of your life!