19mm ATE Master Cylinder for Porsche 911/912 and 914-4/914-6

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Gang, this is our favorite for a 914-6 (original equipment) or a 914-4 that originally came with the 17mm units.  This unit is less expensive than the stock ATE 17mm master cylinder and it will give you a slightly firmer pedal.

We're not fans of the Chinese import master cylinders out there as of yet.  They'll go by names like Hamburg-Technic (slick).  There's been too many failures for us to recommend or sell them.  If others are charging over $75 for that stuff, you're getting ripped off.  If it's less than our prices, it's probably not ATE.

Our stance today:  Use original ATE master cylinders.  The others may have better QC in the future but for now... brakes are an important part of your "staying alive" plan.