JWest Foglight Module for Porsche 914-4 (1970-76)

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We all know there's a jumper wire fix so you can run your fog lights without the headlight popped up but here's the ultimate solution!! This is the way your lights should have been wired from the factory. Once this kit is installed, the fog lights can be turned on with headlights off! 

Here's an added bonus! Now you can signal other drivers with a flash of your fog lights using the column lever. When the headlights are off and the column stalk (turn signal lever) is pulled towards the driver, the fog lights are lit up as long as the stalk is held. Once the stalk is released, the fog lights turn off. When the headlights are turned on, the stalk toggles the high-beam headlights on and off as usual.

This Fog Light Module is easy to install with no wire cutting and no modifications to the original harness. Works with all years of 914-4 (excludes original 914-6).