SWEPCO 201 Multi-Purpose Gear Lube

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SWEPCO 201 Multi-Purpose Gear Lube is our "go to" gear oil for Porsche 901/914/915 applications.  This is their "conventional" lube that's formulated to provide superior performance in a wide range of demanding operating conditions (read: the way you drive!).

It provides outstanding wear control, service life, cleanliness, thermal stability and corrosion resistance for manual transmissions. It is blended from the finest high VI paraffinic base stocks available and the most advanced additive chemistry, including LUBIUM®, SWEPCO’s highly effective anti-wear additive. Outstanding lubricity and film strength reduce friction, wear and operating temperatures of heavily loaded gear boxes. Longer drain intervals, reduced waste oil, longer equipment and part life, less labor, more uptime and significant energy reduction are some of the important benefits provided by SWEPCO 201.


  • Exceeds military specifications MIL-PRF-2105E
  • Oxidation, rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Anti-catalyst and anti-foam inhibitor
  • Anti-wear inhibitors and extreme pressure (EP) additive
  • Adhesive/cohesive characteristics for climbing action
  • Pour point depressant
  • Limited slip characteristics