PMB Performance "Wide Body" Classic Tee

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We didn't want just anther 914 Tee.  We wanted something that would be in your Tee Shirt drawer for the next 20 years.  We sought out a graphic designer that bleeds oil and colors and loves everything with 4 wheels.  We sought out the highest quality fabrics and found an amazing printer to get it all "just right".  

"Wide Open" Tells them you're a "Wide Body Lover"

Let the world know about your love affair with the 914.  Wide Body... Narrow Body... One of Each!!  Dean has taken our "Classics" and put them into art and we put them on a shirt just for you.

Meet the Artist...

His name is Dean Wilhite and he’s a car guy through and through. His uncle Don Hardy built drag cars. So it was a genetic no-brainer that Dean too would bleed oil. Every summer he spent a week at his grandparents’ house. With his uncle Don’s shop just down the street, Dean could spend as much time as he wanted watching the guys weld and bend pipe and turn a pile of metal into the best dragsters in the world.

Obviously Dean’s uncle was a huge influence on him. His first memories are of mag wheels, motors, chrome and shiny paint. When Dean started drawing at a very early age, cars were his subject. He drew cars and trucks as a kid and now draws killer 914 prints for us as an adult!

Dean’s a “Mini” guy so he can really relate to guys who’ve fallen in love with quirky little cars (you do realize that you’re still looking "up" at a mini passenger at a light right?) When Dean bought his mini he looked everywhere for awesome t-shirts that had his new love printed on them. It was pretty slim pickings. Being a graphic designer made the drought of cool t-shirts a little easier to deal with. He would just design his own. Print enough for himself and have extras for friends to buy. Sweet. Soon friends wanted their favorite car on a shirt of their own.  We also took Dean out for a spin in the PMB 914-6/GT... I'm pretty sure he's still grinning!  We had to get the feel for the wheel before he could make the shirts work.

Known throughout the world for producing the best classic mini t-shirts, Dean is now bringing his love of cars and art to the 914 world. Since the beginning, Dean has been able to relate with the world’s car owners for one simple reason. Dean is a car guy through and through. Designing what he wants to wear, telling the story he wants to tell about his beloved little go-kart with doors... it's our story too. Each new design is created to give you a sense of pride of ownership of one of the greatest vehicles in automotive history.