PMB 2258 Type IV Engine Restoration for Porsche 914-4 (1970-76)

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The "PMB 2258" is our overall favorite for "any" Type IV applications.  Great power and performance all wrapped up in (wait for it, this is what you'll want to hear)... a "RELIABLE" package.  We're convinced this is what the 2.0 Type IV would have become had it been developed further.

The 96mm pistons give it a bump for sure but, it's the big valve heads and our custom stroker crank and cam that give you both power and streetability that simply can't be matched in any other 2258 build.  How do we know? We drive these cars.  We eat, live and breathe these cars.  We've developed a simple, clean 2258 build that gives you more power than a stock 914-6!

Regarding power, horsepower is one thing but, if you drive your car on the street, what you'll want is "torque".  Torque makes your world a wonderful place.  Torque gets you up the big hills with ease.  Torque lets you grab another gear and still round those tight course cones for a TTD.  Torque is what matters and that's where we focused our efforts with our proprietary custom cams.

So now you have torque, let's get some air into that motor!  A motor is simply an air pump.  The more efficient you can make it, the more power you'll have.  I'd have to say, more than anything, our 2258 with it's big valve heads (combined with those proprietary cams) make this motor the dream that it is to drive.

Call us to see how easy and affordable it is to get a "2258" Type IV motor in your car.

*Numbers matching engines should stay with the car.  If you're beyond that, you may want to ask about our engine exchange program.