Original Early 914 Bossed Hubs for Porsche 914-4 (1970-76)

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Early 914 Bossed Hubs (Price is per pair)

For reasons still unknown, Porsche had the early hubs bossed to accept a 4x130 or a 5x130 pattern.  We restored 914-6 #41 which was the 30th car off the assembly line.  While it was an original -6 it had a similar version of this hub with one exception, it had the expected 911 spline count inside.  These have the 914-4 spline count but the bosses that #41 had.  Strange indeed, the later factory sixes had a 911 hub pulled into the arm. 

We're going to take a stab at 4 or 5-lug configurations being considered as an option on the 914-4.  

"Regardless".  Here they are.  This is a great way to go 5-lug on your 914-4 and feel safe about the press in studs.  Later hubs would have to be drilled for a 5x130 pattern.  In doing so they would have to be spot faced down so far that it was kinda dangerous for a press in stud (now you know why we utilize screw in studs for most of our conversions using the factory hubs).  The remaining material was kinda thin.  Not a problem here.

If you want, we can drill these to 5x130 for you and install the studs of your choice.  Phone lines are currently open!