JWest Modern Fuse Panel for Porsche 914-4 (1970-76)

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Tired of the antiquated fuses that fall out when you hit a bump? Upgrade your 914 fuse box with our simple-to-install replacement.
  • Upgrade your Porsche 914 to modern blade-type fuses!  The JWest fuse box will put an end to the corrosion problems of the original fuses.  Much greater fuse contact area and secure covers that you won't kick out of place entering the car. 
  • Includes a set of interchangeable labels to match the year of your 914.  Much more useful than the factory symbols, these labels include fuse rating, names of the items protected by each fuse, and the wire colors connected to each fuse.
  • Fuses 1&2, fuses 3&4, and fuses 10,11,&12 are bussed together internally, just like the factory fuse panel.  
  • No drilling or wire cutting involved, the JWest fuse box bolts and plugs right in.