Jenvey Heritage IDF 40, 45 or 48mm for VW Type 1 or Porsche 914-4 and 912

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We're super excited to announce the addition of Jenvey's top quality products to the PMB portfolio!

What's new?  This is new!  Our beloved 40 and 44IDF carbs have all grown up.  Now imagine a 48mm version for those super big 4's! Jenvey knocks this one out of the park with their Heritage IDF throttle bodies!  The Jenvey Heritage IDF throttle body comes in TDFS40, TDFS45 and TDFS48 mm bore options. This is a single twin throttle body can be purchased in multiples for 4, 6, 8 or even 12 cylinder engines. Imagine a pair of these on your 4-cylinder all being controlled by a modern EFI system.  Perfect throttle response.  Perfect AFR.  Turn the key... it starts.

It includes a built in fuel rail, 350CC injectors, extension looms to bring the injector connector to the underside of the throttle body and a hidden internal throttle position sensor.

The Jenvey Heritage body is designed to fit the standard IDF carburetor flange.

Please note that it is not advised to run the Heritage Throttle Bodies with engines running boost. If you wish to run throttle bodies with a forced induction engine, we advise you to take a look at their standard throttle bodies (we sell a complete line of Jenvey products).

All Jenvey heritage products are compatible with E10 fuel (and up to E20 ). Moving to fuel injection will allow for easier air fuel ratio compensation and adjustment for any change in the future.