ENGLE CAM FK 45 (.561X295°)

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For over 50 years Engle Cams have been the undisputed performance and quality leader in air-cooled VW engine market. Engle Cams have won more races and set more speed records in air-cooled VW engines than all other competing cam companies combined! Engle is the most widely used high-performance camshaft manufacturer for air-cooled VW engines in the world today.

Whatever your application Engle has a matching cam that will provide a perfect performance fit. Engle offers a custom grind service should you need something special for your specific application. Give us a call us and we will grind a custom camshaft to your specifications!

Every Engle camshaft is ground, finished, packaged and shipped from Long Beach California. Engle camshafts include a cam card, high quality Red Line assembly lube and an Engle Cams decal.

Engle FK-45 Camshaft Specs:
Advertised Duration 295°, Duration 264° @ .050″, Cam Lift .401″, Lobe Center 108°