EMPI Dual-D 44mm Deluxe Carburetor Kit for Porsche 914/912E Type 4 Engines

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Deluxe is an understatement! You get "everything" you need to get your ride up and running in an afternoon. 

These EMPI Dual-D Carburetor Kits feature only the best components available. A pair of EMPI D Carburetors - Engine Tested, Adjusted and baseline Jetted. EMPI manifolds for 4-Bolt or 3-Bolt Heads. The best Hex Bar Linkage in the industry. Easy to adjust and rock solid in maintaining that adjustment for miles of performance driving featuring Needle Bearing Rod Ends. EMPI Cast Aluminum Air Cleaner Top & Base great looks and features the EMPI logo.

These are for larger CC (2200 and up) engines and most race applications,

Here's the rundown on the Factory Jetting and Setup (and of course, we have all of the jets and venturis needed for your custom application):

  • .162 Main
  • .200 Air
  • .70 Idle
  • 1.50 Inlet Valve
  • .55 Pump
  • #2 E-Tube
  • 38mm Venturis

NOTE: If you have a slightly hotter motor they've also included the following jets to your kit if further tuning is needed:

  • .170 Main
  • .75 Idle

Here's some great EMPI videos to help with your decision making process: