EMPI Dual-D 40mm Deluxe Carburetor Kit for Porsche 914/912E Type 4 Engines

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These EMPI carb kits are hard to beat.  You get "everything" you need to get your ride up and running in an afternoon.  Some cool features we like: Cast aluminum air cleaner assemblies and hex bar linkage top the list!

EMPI put together this Dual-D 40mm Deluxe Carburetor Kit for Type 4 engines up to 2150cc with a Stock to Mild Build.

Here's the rundown on the Factory Jetting and Setup (and of course, we have all of the jets and venturis needed for your custom application):

  • .140 Main
  • .180 Air
  • .60 Idle
  • 1.50 Inlet Valve
  • .35 Pump
  • #2 E-Tube
  • 34mm Venturis

NOTE: If you have a slightly hotter motor they've also included the following jets to your kit if further tuning is needed:

  • .145 Main
  • .65 Idle

Here's some great EMPI videos to help with your decision making process: